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Microbar Fully-automatic Espresso Machine 110Vac Pour Over

$6,300.00  $5,355.00
Save: 15% off

Microbar Fully-automatic Espresso Machine 110Vac Pour Over

The Nuova Simonelli Microbar is a new sophisticated dual grinder super automatic espresso machine and coffee center that may be compact in size but is huge on performance. A great machine for offices, cafes, small coffee shops, restaurants and even high end home use. The sleek design is at home in any environment. The controls are easy to use and the brew system brews has features of a large manual commercial machine. The metal brew group means greater thermal stability as opposed to thermoplastic brewgroups found in some competing models. The dual boiler design boasts two .7 liter boilers: one for brewing and one for steaming and frothing. The independent systems means the Microbar can quickly produce espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, crema coffees (Americanos) or hot water on demand. The Microbar can be configured to meet your needs. Available plumbed or pour over, 110V. Dual grinders are standard.

Who is the superautomatic Microbar User?
If you need ‘big espresso machine’ features in a compact unit, then you are a typical user. It’s called Microbar because it’s an extremely compact automatic espresso coffee machine, but with all the features and functions of a maxi professional. Serving coffee from the Microbar means that everything is "on tap".

Eight "made-to-measure" coffee drinks; hot water and steam.

Cappuccino with froth adjustment; six drink selections (plus pre-select decaff option) providing eight variable coffee menus and five "made to measure" milk based drinks plus hot water and steam.

Brewing group
All metal, electronically heated professional brewing assembly, incorporating low-maintenance design for enhanced operational integrity.

Dry waste coffee ejection
Electronic management of brewing group ensures coffee grounds are compressed and dried prior to ejection.

Dual pressing system
Option to compact or not compact ground coffee in brewing chamber provides enhanced extraction or increased delivery speed.

High performance, low consumption hydraulics
Two, high pressure insulated boilers provide all the steam and hot water required from an energy efficient design.

Long-life grinder
Micrometric adjustment enables the grinder to be precisely set for each individual type of coffee, blend and roast. Titanium coated, 50mm long-life burr grinders blades driven by a powerful 150 watt commercial motor provide low speed, anti-burn, uniform grinding for perfect brewing extraction.

Programming has never been easier
The Thomson CPU and compact, multilayer (CS) motherboard with enhanced electromagnetic disturbance immunity is the platform for ‘ultra user friendly’ software. All programming is carried out through the machine’s selection panel, which incorporates an attractive ‘neon blue’ 2 line Liquid Crystal Display. The flexible software allows each user to customise the machine for their exact drink requirements. Microbar, truly your own machine.

Microbar features:
Automatic espresso coffee machine, with batch dosing
Removable heat-compensated dispenser group
Two 0.7-litre line boilers
Stainless steel and black ABS chassis
Built-in cappuccino feature with removable spout
Milk froth density adjustment
Grounds tray holds up to forty servings
2.3-litre, removable water tank (pour over models only)
1-litre water drip tray
50mm batch grinders
2 - 500g coffee cylinders

The Microbar is recommended for up to 120 cups per day of average use (200 peak).
110 Volt for maximum installation flexibility.

  • Model: MMICRO4CAP21000
  • Shipping Weight: 150lbs
  • Manufactured by: Nuova Simonelli

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