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Lavazza Espresso Point


The Lavazza Espresso Point System:
Today, the "espresso bar" has a career… at the office. Ever since the advent of the Lavazza Espresso Point system, many offices offer their employees a chance to enjoy a coffee break that's just as good as what you find at cafés. For a delightful pick-me-up, here are a few tips for the best way to enjoy this special "away-from-home" coffee. The system is composed of a compact espresso machine that is simple and rapid to use. You simply open the door and add the pre-dosed pod of blended coffee, also produced by Lavazza: the grind and roast are ideal for a coffee in the cup that is comparable to professional espresso. In a matter of seconds, the plastic cup positioned under the spout will be filled with the desired amount of rich, dark coffee (to interrupt the flow, just press the "stop" button!). Sugar and a spoon - and that's it! The espresso is ready to be enjoyed or served to visitors. Ideal for offices or small companies, it fits in well with any décor, thanks to its modern look designed especially by Pininfarina.
Lavazza Espresso Point requires very little maintenance.
The Coffee:
The coffee cartridges are packaged (two cartridges per package) in a protected atmosphere, so that the blend will always be fresh and fragrant when used. If only one is used, it is advisable to close the package as tightly as possible. This will help maintain the aroma of the blend in the cartridges.  It is also important to remember that the system is closed: therefore, only Lavazza Espresso Point cartridges can be used.
It's Practical:
With this System, the bags with the coffee cartridges are served with disposal paper cups, small plastic spoons and individual sugar packets. Of course, at the office you can also use normal ceramic cups. This is more elegant, especially when you are serving the espresso to important visitors.
The Water:
To ensure that the machine is always ready when you want to enjoy a good espresso, keep it turned on and replenish the water as soon as you get to the office in the morning.
Not Just Coffee:
The Lavazza Espresso Point System also lets you enjoy other hot beverages. Simply procure cartridges and packets of the desired product. The choice? In addition to four different kinds of coffee - Aroma Club, Aroma Point, Crema & Aroma, Espresso Decaffeinato - there are cartridges for different kinds of tea, or for preparing hot chocolate and cappuccino using special packets, and even cartridges for consommé.

Height: 14.5"Hx 9.25"W x 12"D
Weight: 31 lbs
Voltage: 120V -1050Watts
Water Capacity:  1/2 Gallon
UL and NSF4 approved
Finish: Gold & Chrome plate
Automatic Dosing
Auto ejection of used cartridge
Cup Warmer
Vented Cup Warming Lid w/ Safety Rail
Convenience Light in Dispensing Area
Auto Shut-off and Warning Light on Empty Tank
Circuit Fuses on both Power Assembly and Heating Block
Drainage Grille
Removable Water Tank for Easy Refill and Cleaning

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